"Faith" is a firm belief based on the testimony of credible sources. "Blind faith" is a firm belief in something that is without evidence or in spite of evidence. True science has always proved the Bible to be credible and reliable. Here are a few pieces of "evidence" that the Bible states as fact, thousands of years before modern science discovered them and confirmed them to be true.

  • The earth is round. ISAIAH 40:22
  • The earth is suspended in space. JOB 26:7
  • There is an empty space in the north. JOB 26:7
  • Convection currents and lightning. JEREMIAH 10:13
  • Paths of the sea, now known as "shipping currents". PSALM 8
  • All nations are of one blood. ACTS 17:26
  • Quarantine, disinfection procedures, covering the month in the treatment of infectious diseases. LEVITICUS Chapters 13 and 14
  • Countless number of stars. GENESIS 15:5 ; PSALM 147
  • Cycle of rain, evaporation and condensation. ECCL. 1:7, JOB 36
  • Dimensions of the ark. This ratio is still used today by ship builders because of its stability in high waves. GENESIS 6

1 CORINTHIANS 3:19, "For the wisdom of the world is foolishness with God." The next time an evolutionist tries to say the Bible is not credible, ask them for the credible evidence of their faith.

    • Ask them what our "common ancestors" were.
    • Ask them why the fossil record shows no missing links.
    • Ask them about Java, Lucy and Piltdown man and all the other knuckle-draggers that have been proven to be apes or frauds, and yet they are still taught in science books to be related to man.
    • Ask them "What went bang?" and they will admit they donít know.

Who has blind faith and whose faith is credible?

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