"Why are there so many different churches?"

	Why, because people often put their faith in the wrong things.  
	Is your faith and where you worship based on family?  
	Social acceptance?  Personal comfort?  Programs for the kids? 
	Traditions? By themselves, these reasons are dangerous.

	There are three things which have nothing to do with truth.

		1.  The number of people who believe something (popularity).
		2.  The sincerity with which something is believed.
		3.  The length of time something is believed.

	Consider the error that Jacob believed about his son Joseph.

		1.  Ten of Jacob's sons brought Joseph's "coat of many colors" 
		to him covered with goat's blood.  When Jacob saw it he said, 
		"Without doubt Joseph is torn to pieces." Genesis 37:33

		DANGER:  It is possible to be mislead by the majority.

		2.  Even though Joseph was alive in Egypt, Jacob was extremely 
		upset because he thought that Joseph was dead.  
		"Then Jacob... mourned for his son many days.  And all his sons 
		and daughters arose to comfort him; but he refused to be 
		comforted..." Genesis 37:34-35. 

		DANGER:  It is possible to be sincere and still be sincerely mistaken.

		3.  Many years later, when Jacob hears that Joseph is alive he doesn't 
		believe it. Genesis 45-25-26
		DANGER:  It is possible to believe error long enough to not recognize 
			the truth when we hear it.

	This is why we always need to see if what we do, where we worship, and what 
	we believe, matches up with what the Bible says.

	What is the basis of your faith?

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