Tired of empty, politically correct, & social religion?  
	Are you looking for something spiritual?  

	Would you like to find a church which:

		*Gives the Bread of Life, instead of coffee & donuts? - John 6:35

		*Emphasizes the spiritual over the social? - Romans 14:17

		*Believes and teaches the Bible to be the inspired Word of God? - II Timothy 3:16-17

		*Believes the Bible to be our only authority for faith and practice? - II Peter 1:3

	Would you like to worship with Christians who:
		*Emphasize moral purity and godly living? - II Peter 1:1-10

		*Believe and teach the deity of Jesus Christ? - John 1:1-2

		*Come together to worship God and not for social fund raisers? - John 4:23-24

		*Present the Bible solution for sin? - Acts 2:38

	If so, we invite you to investigate the Colonial church of Christ.

	For a FREE Bible correspondence course or to ask a Bible question, 
	call Lee at 221-8553 or write to:  The Colonial church of Christ: P
	O Box 2064, Williamsburg, VA, 23187-2064.  

	Or look us up on the web at: www.colonialchurchofchrist.com.
	Everyone is welcome.

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