In Acts 17:11, when the apostle Paul preached to the Bereans, the Bible said, 
    "they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures 
    daily, whether those things were so."  It said they were "noble" for doing this.  
    Paul's preaching had to be understandable, from scripture, and not from anything 
    additional to scripture.

	Have you ever thought to yourself, "I don't understand what that preacher is 
    talking about," or, "I wish he would say what part of the Bible that sermon came 
    from?"  How about, "I would like to worship where they only use the Bible and not 
    all of these creeds!?"  If so, you have the same honest, searching heart as those 
    noble Bereans.
	Would you like to hear clear, understandable preaching, where Bible verses are 
    given for everything that's being said, and where you are encouraged to bring your 
    Bible and follow along?  Sound impossible?  Come and see.

	You are invited to come hear the plain and simple truth proclaimed from God's 
    word, every Sunday at 11:00 for Bible classes for all ages and 12:00 for Worship 
    services.  We also meet on Thursday nights at 7:30 for Bible study.  If you would 
    like a free Bible correspondence course or home Bible study feel free to call 
    757-221-8553 or 757-867-8224.  We meet at the Bruton Heights Education Center on 
    301 First Street, Williamsburg Va. 23185.  We meet in building 301, room 117.  
    Everyone is welcome.   

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