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Lessons & Audio Files

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Title Speaker Subject Outline Power Point Audio
Personification of Wisdom Chad Brewer Personification of Wisdom Document Download: MP3,
Lunatic, Liar, Lord Chad Brewer Lunatic, Liar, Lord Document Download: MP3,
Pursue Chad Brewer Pursue Document Download: MP3,
Leading to Serve Chad Brewer Leading to Serve Document Download: MP3,
Submission in 1st Peter Chad Brewer Submission Document Download: MP3,
The Exacting Nature of God's Love Chad Brewer God's Love Document Download: MP3,
Encouragement Chad Brewer Encouragement Document Download: MP3,
Correcting in Gentleness Chad Brewer Correcting in Gentleness Download: MP3,
Three Hours of Darkness Chad Brewer Three Hours of Darkness Download: MP3,
Open My Eyes Lord Chad Brewer Open My Eyes Lord Document
Genuine Love Chad Brewer Genuine Love Download: MP3,
Psalm 119 Chad Brewer Psalm 119 Document Download: MP3,
What Is Mine? Chad Brewer Entitlement Download: MP3,
Why Are You Here? Chad Brewer Why Are You Here? Document Download: MP3,
Pride Chad Brewer Pride Download: MP3,
To This You Were Called Chad Brewer Being Called Download: M4A,
Complacency and Indifference Chad Brewer Complacency/Indifference Document Download: M4A,
Satan's Gamble Chad Brewer Satan's Gamble Download: M4A,
Climbing Mt Moriah Chad Brewer Climbing Mt Moriah Document Download: M4A,
Jars and Vessels Chad Brewer Jars and Vessels Document Download: M4A,
Emotions Chad Brewer Emotions Document Download: M4A,
Archeology and the Bible Chad Brewer Archeology Document Download: M4A,
When I was a Child Chad Brewer Childish Ways Document Download: M4A,
The Lord's Supper Chad Brewer Lord's Supper Document Download: M4A,
Getting the Junk Out Chad Brewer Learn to Think Document Download: M4A,
Stewards of Our Testimony Chad Brewer Stewardship Document Download: M4A,
Stewards of Our Talents Chad Brewer Stewardship Document Download: M4A,
Stewards of Treasure Chad Brewer Stewardship Document Download: M4A,
Stewards of Time Chad Brewer Stewardship Document Download: M4A,
Stewards of God's Grace Chad Brewer Stewardship Document Download: M4A,
Being Prepared Chad Brewer Being Prepared Document Download: M4A,
Loving God When It's Difficult Chad Brewer Loving God Document Download: M4A,
Emotions of the Psalms Chad Brewer Psalms Document M4a
Why Would I Worship Chad Brewer Worship M4a
Resurrection Steve Walker Jesus Resurrected Document
The Social Gospel Steve Walker Denominationalism Document MP3
Holy Spirit Part 1 Steve Walker Holy Spirit Document PPT
Love Steve Walker Love PPT
House Church Movement Steve Walker Modernism MP3
Colonial church of Christ Craig Anthony Local Congregation MP3
Understanding The Godhead Steve Walker Father, Son, Holy Spirit PPT
Why We Are Here Steve Walker Hope PPT
Godhead Steve Walker Father, Son, Holy Spirit Document
Judged By Our Words Steve Walker Our Words MP3
Ruth Steve Walker Ruth MP3
That Great Day! Steve Walker Judgement Day Document
A New Body Steve Walker Physical vs Spiritual Document
Paul's Gospel of Christ Steve Walker Christ MP3
A Cry From The Pit Steve Walker Despair Document
Rejoice! Steve Walker Joy PPT
What Must I Do? Craig Anthony Plan of Salvation Document

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